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Since 1997

e!xact has been importing tangible promotional products since 1997, which create a strong communicative and emotional effect on the recipient and deliver tangible results for your brand. Our focus is on products that can be finished to a high standard – generally photo quality – as promotional items or giveaways. Our product portfolio is unique in this form on the German market.

We use the latest neuroscientific findings and multi-sensory research to optimise the effect of our products on all levels: Texture, weight, amazing functions, etc.

The result is product lines that are playful and “eye-catching” in arousing the recipient’s interest, as well as promotional items that give pleasure, trigger wishes and are unforgettable.


e!xact carries the e!xact world of cubes for promotional use. We print the cubes as your individual promotional item in photo quality. Your personal design wish can be realised in offset printing on all sides or in digital printing on one side.



We also have an extensive, high-quality range of microfibre promotional items. We also print these promotional items in photo quality.

For us, every customer is unique. We adapt to your individual needs for your promotion and offer you promotional items tailor-made for your target group. Our services go far beyond the procurement and customisation of haptic sales aids. Our employees’ high level of advisory competence and goal orientation ensure that even special requests can be realised within your time frame and budget.




On the procurement side, we concentrate on supplier contacts that have grown over many years and are based on partnership. We know our suppliers and their production sites personally and can therefore respond to your wishes quickly, flexibly and with high quality. We visit all relevant trade fairs at home and abroad several times a year in order to recognise new trends at an early stage and to be able to offer them to you – after thorough examination.

As a member of the PSI – Präsent Service Institut – and the Gesamtverband der Werbeartikel-Wirtschaft e.V., GWW for short, e!xact Internationale Werbemittel GmbH is well networked.

We sell promotional items and advertising material exclusively to companies, tradesmen, institutions and associations.

Have fun discovering our assortment!


„Over 20 years of experience in the promotional products industry gives me a broad knowledge of sales and import/export. My passions are the many daily customer meetings. My conclusion: There’s no such thing as can’t. For every budget and every delivery date, I find a solution!”

Angela Guckes

“With over 20 years of experience in a global consumer goods company, I bring a lot of experience in research & development and technical marketing. My passion is marketing, quality assurance and communication on an international level.”

Christiane Nemetz

“I like to bring my versatile knowledge of IT structures into small companies. I am interested in IT end-to-end solutions, i.e. from the product idea to delivery to the customer. What I enjoy most about my work is explaining complex things to colleagues who are not IT-savvy.”

Christian Noll

“I am a very precise and conscientious person. I notice small deviations that others don’t see. At my workplace, I appreciate my flexible working hours. This allows me to reconcile family and career. So far, I have already refined more than 70,000 Twist Cubes in Germany over the years.”

Selina Haust

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are looking for something on our site but cannot find it, simply use the contact form and write to us about what promotional items you are looking for or what we can do for you.

We are sure to be able to help you in almost all cases.


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