Discover a variety of imaginative and playful creations and feel it with all your senses.

In addition to our well-known e!xact world of cubes, we also carry microfibre products and a wide variety of other promotional items.

e!xact world of cubes

Discover the world of e!xact cubes.
To twist, to fold or to play with. There is something for everyone here!

World of Ads

Discover a selection of our newest, most unusual and innovative promotional products. You won’t be able to stop being amazed.

World of Microfiber

More than just a gentle eyeglass cleaning cloth. You will also find glasses cases, bandanas, eye masks and much more.

How do our products work and function?

Bringing your message across – promised!


Feel, fold, click, turn, see. The senses reinforce each other and increase the neuronal activity in the user's brain by up to 1,000%! In other words, each additional interaction increases perception and makes your message more memorable.


Scientific studies show that feeling an object increases its appreciation. The user "takes possession" of it and thus makes your advertising message their own.

through play

The desire to play and focus attention generates positive emotions, openness, and engagement. Users understand your message faster and remember it more positively.


People who own one of our products like to amaze colleagues and friends. They like to pass the items around and talk about them. In this way, your advertising message is spread indirectly via a personal recommendation.


Our products are brand connecting points that live up to their name. The high-precision manufacturing and high-quality perception communicate the quality of your brand to users. The desire to play and explore ensures 100% attention and intense interaction with your message.


Some products are characterised by an exceptionally long stay on the desk of the user, who likes to feel them and deal with them again and again. In the case of our 3D calendars, this period is at least 12 months and usually even longer.

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