3 Leading Brands Leverage Rubik’s for Marketing Campaigns

18.07.2017. · Case Studies

Leading brands are quick to recognize and leverage strong brand value as evidenced by recent orders from Mastercard, Siemens and ‘Despicable Me’ for Rubik’s promotional products.

With 450 million cubes sold since its launch in 1974, and retail sales of US$165million in 2016, Rubik’s boasts huge brand equity. This super-popular product appeals to young and old, and is known for desirable brand characteristics such as problem solving, creativity and ingenuity.

By association these leading brands know that they too can benefit from Rubik’s popularity.

‘Despicable Me’ – 3×3 Rubik’s Keyring

Despicable Me Rubiks Case Study

‘Despicable Me’-branded Rubik’s keyrings provided the perfect giveaway gift for attendees of a movie premiere in France.

Rubik’s featured in the Despicable Me movie and thanks to this brand celebrity and Rubik’s own iconic status, the economically-priced keyring provided tremendous caché despite its small size.

LOW MOQ | 34mm x 34mm x 34mm | Fully functional

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Mastercard – Rubik’s Pen Pots


This Panama-based client chose the Rubik’s Pen Pot for its marketing campaign because of the large area offered for branding, and Rubik’s interactive and engaging character.

Additional benefits of this particular product are that it remains desktop providing high brand visibility, as well as being of practical value as a stationery tidy.

Low MOQ | 7cm x 7cm x 7cm | Twists in horizontal plane | Magnetic

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Siemens – Rubik’s Powerbanks

Siemens Rubiks Case Study

Siemens Belgium capitalised on Rubik’s brand reputation for innovation with an order for 5,000 Rubik’s Powerbanks. The aim of the campaign is to promote Siemens’ new Simcenter, a suite of simulation tools used for predictive engineering analytics(PEA), to its prospects.

The value of the product as a gift is threefold: it is engaging, useful and provides strong branding for Siemens. The branded gift box adds further value to the promotion.

115x27x27mm | 2600mAh Samsung li-ion battery

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