Kick off 2018 with the best sports-themed promotional gifts

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Top–scoring sports promotional products for all your sponsorship goals!

Intermed’s branded products are in a league of their own when it comes to sports promotions. Interactive, engaging and with large print areas for branding, you’ll always be ahead of the game! The products are suitable for team branding, event promotion and even merchandising.



How does your event stack up? Very well with the Magnetic 360 Square Calendar. The magnetic action invites play, and your event dates are always on display.

  • Black HIPS with matt plastic labels. Full color printing. Calendar templates available.
  • MOQ – 500pcs
  • See more calendar designs


Sports promotions ideas - rubiks speaker

Every team wants to make some noise and with the Rubik’s portable Bluetooth Speaker, you can take that noise to the game, on tour or to practice.

Ideas for sports promotions - branded speaker

The Office Blocks Mobile Bluetooth Speaker is a popular standalone item, but is even better when presented as a custom gift set with other clip-together Office Blocks products such as the Mobile Charging Cable set, stylus or screen cleaner.

Associate your event with one of the world’s most iconic and engaging toy brands. The Rubiks 3×3 puzzle is great as a gift or as merchandise with a large print area for branding and messaging.

  • Black ABS Plastic with full color print labels. Option for white plastic blocks and other print finishes. 57x57x57mm.
  • MOQ – 500pcs
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The Rubik’s Cube 3×3 Keychain is perfect for large volume campaigns, or for retail, with great exposure and fantastic value-for-money.

  • Black ABS Plastic with full color print labels. Option for white plastic blocks and other print finishes. 34x34x34mm.
  • MOQ – 500pcs
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Sporting corporate gift ideas - Rubiks Powerbank

In the mobile age the powerbank is a must-have icon and the Rubik’s Powerbank provides ample space for branding, and the iconic caché of the Rubik’s brand.

Ideas for sports promotions - Mobile Charge Tags

Another mobile accessory that brings the recipient peace of mind. The customizable Tag Mobile Cable Set wraps around your keyring or bag strap and is always to hand for a handy charge connection, or data transfer while on the go. Rubik’s, Office Blocks or Tube Cable Set options also available.

  • ABC Housing with PE Cable. 3-in-1: Micro USB + Lightning + USB-C, or 2-in-2: Micro USB + Lightning.
  • MOQ – 500pcs
  • See more mobile accessories

Talk to our sales team about these and other great customizable products for your sports promotions. We can also provide samples and marketing material, including a client-safe PDF flyer to distribute to your clients.

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